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15:10 09-Aug-2022

The freedom of the open road, the ability to stop whenever the mood takes you, modern conveniences, home comforts, a holiday on wheels – motor homes are all this and more.
And if you haven’t tried a holiday in a motor home then you have a whole world of wonder head of you. If you aren’t sure then go ahead and check out the motor home hire section and talk to a motor home dealer or motor home hire company near you. You can take off for the weekend and give motor homes a try – we are pretty sure that like thousands of people all over the UK you will soon be hooked. For some motor homes are a hobby whilst for others motor homes become a way of life, however you feel you can be sure that motor home will bring you more holiday opportunities than you can imagine. Not only do you have the whole of the UK but if you check out the European motorhome hire you will see that there are plenty of other options.
If you like caravans but haven’t tried a motor home yet, here are some very good reasons you should; you have everything you would have in a caravan but with some extra convenience – you don’t have to worry about weight ratios, bow waves or whether you've securely coupled the caravan to the car – and that’s just for starters. There are so many types to choose from you are certain to find something that fits in with your lifestyle and holiday plans.  Here are some of the options:

A Class – integrated bodywork, bedrooms, bathrooms and luxury kitchens

Recreational Vehicles (RVs) these are usually imported from America and are the Rolls Royce of motor homes, huge and very glitzy

Coach built – High spec motor home with home comforts, over the cab sleeping space and really popular with families

Camper vans – High top or rising roof – both motor home are adaptable, easy to handle and good for families

Low profile – A motor home that is good for couples – similar to the coach built but with lower sides and more economical

Micro – the baby of the motor home, great for couples, well fitted and easy to handle
Check out the categories here and start planning your motor home holiday now.