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Motorhoming in Seine et Marne

01:15 28-Oct-2020

To the east of Paris, Seine et Marne is the largest department of the region Ile de France.  A stone’s throw away from the capital, this department is rich in many ways.  A glorious history, royal playground to the extravagant kings of France who leave behind them a wonderful architectural heritage not to mention the beautiful countryside and the areas of forest that are numerous in Seine et Marne.  Motorhoming in Ile de France is really a wonderful opportunity to discover the different worlds which co-exist in France and which make motorhome travel in France so enjoyable.

Seine et Marne is also home to several theme parks not least of which is Euro Disney which requires no explanation.  There is also Sea Life, a superb aquarium on a scale that we only see in places such as Paris.  There is a 360° tunnel where sharks swim over your head and tanks where you touch the fish, all at eye level for the smaller members of the family.  There are other parks as well if you wish to escape the heaving masses plus a zoo.

There are so many wonderful sights to see in Seine et Marne that you will be spoilt for choice.  If you have lots of time, use the Aires de service in Seine et Marne for overnight stays or if you just need five minutes.  That way you’ll be fit to visit sites such as Fontainebleau, home to 34 sovereigns since the middle ages.  The town has developed from the activities that turned around the palace and expanded throughout history to become the town of today which has preserved many of its royal aspects.  There is a forest which is a favourite place for walkers where you can also do some rock climbing.  There are lots of guided visits and museums, as well as the palace and its magnificent grounds to visit.

The town of Melun exists since Roman times and was built where the rivers converge making of it very early on, an economical power.  With the installation of five monasteries between the 14th and 16th centuries, it supplied Paris with flour from the middle ages up until modern times.  The 10th century château was much appreciated by royalty up until the Renaissance.  The installation of the railway line Paris-Lyon-Marseilles in 1847 confirmed Melun’s situation which it has maintained along with its history until today.

Take the time to visit Meaux, which offers a unique example in Ile de France of a Bishops city built around the gothic Cathedral of Saint Etienne between the 12th and 16th centuries, a superb architectural heritage.  Barbizon, made famous by the artists of 1830-1875 who went to the source of the natural landscapes and animals that they painted.  This glorious artistic past has made this modest hamlet the destination of visitors from all around the world.  Vaux-le–Vicomte with its sumptuous château and gardens inaugurated by an historical and extravagant firework party in 1661.  And there’s so much more to see! Continue the adventure and go motorhoming in Essonne, motorhoming in Champagne Ardennes, motorhoming in Bougogne or motorhoming in Picardie.