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Motorhoming in Yvelines

01:02 28-Oct-2020

Yvelines, as all of the departments in Ile de France is slightly in the shadow of the jewel in the crown, Paris.  This department however is itself a real jewel and is home to one of Frances most beautiful and well known national treasures, the palace of Versailles.  It isn’t however by any means the only thing to see if your motorhome travel in France includes motorhoming in Ile de France.

Around 30% of the department is covered by forests, the most important of which is the Forest of Rambouillet which contains 29 communities.  Part of the forest belongs to the National Regional Park of the High Valley of Chevreuse which is the number one of the regional parks in Ile de France.  The park has a particular charm and is home to a very varied cultural heritage.  Land of ancient civilisations, the park contains sumptuous châteaux and villages bursting with a rich history.  When exploring you will also come across rivers and waterfalls, a wide range of wildlife and be genuinely surprised by the beauty of this park which offers various sporting and educational activities.

The architectural heritage of the department is splendid.  Hiring a motorhome in England or hiring a motorhome in France is the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the extravagance of the French nobility.  The National Museum of Archaeology is situated at Saint-Germain-en-Laye, where the Château-Vieux was the royal residence of Louis XlV up until he installed the court at Versailles.  There are many wonderful sights to see and an equally interesting history attached to this much sought out town.

Versailles was nothing but a modest village when Louis XlV decided to make it the centre of French government and the site of the magnificent Palace of Versailles.  The Royal City developed around three large avenues which lead directly to the palace.  Even if you only wander through the gardens and park lands of Versailles you can’t help but wonder at the enormous gap between life at court and the everyday existence of the peasants of the era.

Take the time to recuperate in an Aires de Service in Ile de France before continuing exploring all there is to see in Yvelines.  Other attractions include two zoos and a butterfly house.  If you want to see some of the most well known sites throughout the whole of France in a short space of time, visit ‘Miniature France’, where villages, châteaux, ports and stations have all been immaculately reproduced in miniature to charm visitors of all age groups.  There’s even a miniature track for youngsters who want to try out a miniature car.

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