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Motorhome Covers

12:09 06-Jul-2022

Everybody loves the look of their vehicle gleaming in the summer sunshine.  Chrome blinding in the light and bodywork smooth and bright.  Unfortunately, motorhome owners have a constant battle with the elements. If acid rain, wind, sunshine and salt weren’t enough there is also the potential of attack by the local bird population.dsc_8162.jpg

Research has now found that the caustic nature of erm, ‘bird poo’ isn’t the horrendous nightmare once thought.  Most modern paints and good quality waxes should be able to ward off such avian chemical attacks against the paint adoring your prized motor home.

Interestingly the real issue is what the paint does with the erm ‘bird poo’.  If left unaddressed on paint work it hardens; as anyone who has tried to remove a deposit will attest to.  Modern paints are designed to expand and contract to avoid cracking.  When the temperature drops the vehicle paint contracts and literally moulds itself to the paint.  This moulding occurs on a microscopic level so what owner actually sees is a dulled or etched mark on the bodywork.

motor-home-covered.pngAnother enemy to the motorhome owner is mildew/mould that usually forms on the roof.  It is a nightmare to remove and can mean using a witches brew of cleaning solutions. If it’s left un-dealt with, mould/mildew can work its way into bodywork joints allowing water ingress, corrosion and tears.

Purchasing a motohome is a major investment and it makes sense to ensure your van is well protected.  A simple solution is to protect you motorhome when it’s not being used, especially if it usually gets parked under a tree.  For just a modest amount you can have a tailor made cover produced to do just that.motorhomecover-door.png

There are now options for covers that simply protect the roof to covers that will protect your whole vehicle.  These will often have zipped door openings so that you can still gain access without having to remove the whole cover. An added benefit is the added security, covers can now carry locks and anything that get between a would be thief and his prey has to be a
good thing.