A1 Camper Conversions
A1 Camper Conversions
Address: Oundle Marina ,Barnwell Road ,Oudle, Peterborough,
Postcode: PE8 5PB
Email: info@a1camperconversions.com
Telephone: 01733 233674
Website: http://www.a1camperconversions.com/results.php
Motor Homes by Make: Volkswagen Motor Homes
A1 Campers Ltd

A1 Camper Conversions are a family run business based in the beautiful town of Oundle. Our passion for bespoke high end conversions come for our Motor Home rental business which has been running since 2004. We made the decision that camper conversions should move forward in the same way that Motor homes have over the last decade.

We set up our factory in Oundle to take advantage of the pool of talent that had been generated by the local High end Yacht business. We have taken these talented tradesmen and created what we believe is unique, durable and desirable camper.

Our vehicle purchasing team has over 20 years within the motor industry, having built you good relationships over the years allows us access to the very best of base van stock.