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An Automatic Peak

Posted on Tuesday, 06 September 2011 05:55AM by
Lead dealer Peak Leisure Vehicles sees a rise in automatic Bentley Motor Home sales
Kirk Langley motorhome specialists, Peak Leisure Vehicles are opening their customer’s eyes to the option of automatic transmission motorhomes. Having already taken delivery of several of these specialised motorhomes from Bentley, the family run motorhome specialists is seeing a real demand for automatics which offer all the same standards as the traditional manual models.
With more households becoming financially restricted, tourist attractions within the UK have become increasingly popular, fuelling a rise in demand for moterhomes generally. Motor homes with automatic gearboxes can offer customer’s more comfort and refinement when travelling long distances and are proving to be the new name in popularity.
Peak Leisure Vehicles has gone from strength to strength over recent years. With more than twenty years experience in the motor home and caravanning industry, customers receive only the best quality motorhomes and customer service. As one of the select few national dealers chosen to supply the state of the art Bentley motor homes, Peak Leisure Vehicles have had an increasing amount of interest with customers anxiously wanting to get behind the wheel of one of these magnificent beasts.
By working in partnership with Bentley Motor Homes, the owners at Peak Leisure Vehicles have found they share a similar ethos and high quality standards and a strong relationship has been formed, which is seeing the Kirk Langley company selling increasing numbers of Bentley motorhomes, of which the new interest in automatics is just one more example.
The advantages of a motor home with automatic transmission are endless, with the common view being how much easier they are to handle. Automatic gearboxes enjoy a reputation for reliability and can be of extremely useful for those individuals who have restricted movements in their joints. With there being no clutch to press down on, or gear stick to move back and forth, individuals can relax more behind the wheel and enjoy the features of cruise control.
Aside from the obvious features of the automatic motor homes, there are some hidden advantages which many people may not give any thought to. As some individuals only hold driving licences for automatic vehicles, they now have the option to purchase a motor home as opposed to a caravan.
Peak Leisure Vehicles director, Claire Parsons said, “We’ve always specialised in sourcing high quality pre-owned motor homes. Our automatic Bentley range all come equip with the Renault quick shift gearbox, which guarantees a smooth, quiet and a comfortable drive, perfect for long distance driving. It’s a common misperception that automatic motor homes come at extortionate prices, but our automatic Bentley motor homes start from just ?1000 more than a manual, making them well worth considering. The people behind Bentley Motor Homes have such a fantastic reputation and history in the motor home industry; so when they told us they were going to start designing and building their own coach built motor homes, we naturally wanted to seize the opportunity.”
For more information on the range of high quality pre-owned motor homes available at Peak Leisure Vehicles, or for further details about the new automatic Bentley Motor Homes or to pre-book a test drive of the new demo Ochre, contact Claire or Steve Parsons at Peak Leisure Vehicles on 01332 824782.