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Auto-Sleepers Owners' Club

Auto-Sleepers Owners' Club
Motor Homes by Make: Autosleeper Motor Homes

    Welcome to the Auto-Sleeper Owners' Club (ASOC) Website.  The ASOC is the largest single-make motorhome club and is only open to current owners of Auto Sleeper motorhomes.  These motorhomes are built by Auto-Sleepers, and the models applicable are listed on the Technical Group page.       

    The Auto-Sleeper Owners’ Club is a Company Limited by Guarantee and not having a Share Capital. This means that, should the Club be wound up and have insufficient assets to meet its debts, the most that each member can be asked to contribute towards the deficit is £1, and every member guarantees to do so if required. If the Club were not a limited company, each member’s liability would be unlimited.

The Club Newsletter has gradually expanded to 20 pages.  Articles of general interest are included whenever members provide them and when they can be fitted in.  Contributions and opinions (whether for or against anything), travel experiences, and other items of interest are always welcome.  Input can be sent via email and generally speaking photographs are now part of the layout.  Auto-Sleepers Group, provides short items when possible on subjects of current interest.  The Newsletter also includes requests for information; rally reports, and suggestions, together with sales/wanted (including vehicles) from members.