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Autoroller Motorhome Clubs

Autoroller motor homes regale from Italy and display the cool that belongs to any nation whose motto is 'style'.  Being predominantly a coach built motor homes the Autoroller range allow for plenty of room for the travelling family and with built in shower and kitchen facilities they offer true comfort for that trip away.

autoroller1.jpgLike many coach built motor homes the Autoroller attracts a number of enthusiastic followers who have no other purpose in life other than getting together and exchanging stories.  Club life can really revolve for some around sharing experiences about ones chosen steed.

Autoroller motor homes have a respected reputation in the European market and are renowned for offering vehicles which give real value for money.  This is in no small way illustrated by the latest addition to the team the, Pegaso.

The Pegaso is an over the cab model which allows for 7 guests to traverse the country and sample the Autoroller motor home life and with typical Italian styling you can be sure of a touch of luxury.

As many a Autoroller motor home owner will tell you the double rear lockers on these vans are invaluable when taking a trip; it’s like having a garage that will take any amount of baggage.

Saturday night can take a real party atmosphere when club members get together.  Autoroller motor homes will often come with an awning already installed.  So even if the weather does turn inclement there is always a little shelter to ensure that the snacks and more importantly the wine, doesn’t get watered down.