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Bürstner Motor Homes

In 1924 Jakob Bürstner commenced chipping away at wood and calling himself a carpenter.  Starting a workshop in Kehl-Neumühl in Baden he chipped away until 1953 and realised that there was money to be made out of building homes on wheels.
burstner1.jpgThe rest is history, the company has grown and evolved into the motor home business where it stands proud against the competition.  In 1998 they acquired Hymer and have gone from strength to strength as a company since then, regularly wining top awards for their efforts.  In a world of uncertainty there’s always one thing for sure, that German built, means reliability.
Over the years the Bürstner motor home range has proved to be vast and has gained it’s very own collection of avid enthusiasts; Bürstner motor homes certainly reflect a wealth of design, flare and eye catching motor home action.

Connoisseurs of the motor home world will really enjoy the Bürstner motor home experience and revel in delight of owning a part of history.  Undoubtedly they will form into groups and spend hours beside the campfire, exchanging stories about here there and everywhere as motor home owners do.
But hang on, with heating included, a sumptuous bed and comfortable relaxing area, even a shower - you don’t even need a camp fire!  You just need a few friends, who share the fun and excitement of hitting the road and stopping anywhere, to have a snack and a drink.
As the owner of a Bürstner motor home you can feel part of a special clan that reflects the ingenuity of European workmanship and find friends within the Bürstner motor home clubs everywhere.
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Burstner Owners Club
Burstner Owners Club
The club has been formed by Bürstner owners with the following objectives: To provide an opportunity for owners to meet, socialise and make new friends at Bürstner...
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