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CI Motorhome Clubs

Being the winner of the ‘family motor home of the year’ award 2011, the Carioca stands testament to the quality of the CI range of motor homes.  CI Motor homes (Caravans international to the uninitiated) have certainly put themselves about over the years.  Having started in 1945 they have grown as a company and with a £560 million pound turnover, 60% of which is down to motor home sales, they have marked their place amongst industry leaders.
carioca694.jpgCorporate ego stroking aside, they also produce some fabulous vans and base their range on a coach built tradition that has stood them in good stead.
As with many models that have weathered the test of time CI Motor homes have attracted a number of loyal fans who need little incentive to get together and party.  The Carioca may be a new addition to the range but it follows a long lineage if vans that have gone before, all of whom have their avid admirers.
CI Motor homes are sold across the breadth of Europe, from the UK to Tunisia.  This means that owners can look forward to having complete support on even the most extensive tours of the European continent.
What could be more exciting than driving to a lake side location, switching on the gas, boiling a kettle and just relaxing for a few moments before taking that final climb into the Alps?  The joy of motor homing is doing what you want when you want to.  These stylish vans only add to the fun and being able to join a club just means that you can bring your friends along to.