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Euro Mobil Motor Homes

Eura Mobil Motor Homes

Eura Mobil started producing motor homes in Sprendlingen, Germany in 1983 and after the expansion of their production site moved into the luxury mobile home market with the Eura Mobil ‘Alpha’ in 2001.

Eura Mobil makes no concessions when designing and building motor homes and all of their technicians and engineers are motor home users.  Eura Mobil is keen to stay in close contact with motor home users and was the first company in 2002 to launch a communications and information centre, Motorhome Forum, for motor home owners.  The enthusiasm and years of experience of the Eura Mobil team, together with no-compromise design, the latest technical processes and guaranteed quality materials produce outstandingly reliable motor homes of a long lasting quality.

Eura Mobil motor homes are full of carefully thought out features which make life easier and more comfortable as well as producing a mobile home full of up to the minute technical features.  Sophisticated and harmonious interior design, sturdy beds with comfortable mattresses, Eura Mobil’s ‘all-year-round’ concept with a double heated floor (which also provides useful storage space) and a frost proof water system are a winning combination.  Characterized by precise craftsmanship and smart solutions, Eura Mobil motor homes are constructed using robust materials and high quality equipment and gain a high level of customer satisfaction. 

Eura Mobil’s technical advances in a new floor design have produced strengthened bodywork which resists distortion giving increased stability and new polyester body panels give a high resistance to external damage.  This new surface facilitates cleaning and the correction of superficial exterior damage to Eura Mobil motor homes.

Eura Mobil’s range of motor homes consists of two semi-integrated models, two integrated models and three Alcove models.  From two to six berths and with over 20 different floor plans between the 7 models there is a wide choice of Eura Mobil motor homes to suit all tastes and budgets.  Eura Mobil’s standard equipment is of a high level and the likes of satellite, television and bike racks can be added as options.

Eura Mobil has dealerships in the Midlands and Essex who are at the service of customers in need of information.

The humble motorhome is no longer just a camper van; there are now numerous manufacturers creating the ideal motorhome for a growing market. Motor homes, such as these from Euro Mobil, offer a truly diverse selection of facilities, including the all of the luxuries that you would expect from home or even the holiday accommodation that you would normally choose.

Euro Mobil Motor home hire is offered throughout the country may a range of different motor home hire companies, and is the best way to try a touring holiday without the hassle and expense of purchasing your own vehicle. All kinds of breaks can be catered for by using a Euro Mobil motorhome, such as adventure holidays, family breaks or a short getaway, not to mention the ever popular festivals that lend themselves to motorhome hire so well!

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