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Herald Motorhome Clubs

Herald motor homes fill a small pocket of the motor home world.  Vans based on Ford bodies; they provided an affordable well built van that became loved by many and unfortunately now, owned by few. 
main_aragon_1.jpgThe company arose from the ashes of Autohomes, where ex employees and managers strove to create a brand of their own at their Poole base.
Eventually they were bought out by the Elddis brand and sadly evaporated into motor homing history.  To many this would be the end of the story, but in the motor home club world the Herald motor home is a challenge awaiting the right owner to rejuvenate and rebuild.
Being a member of a motor home club isn’t all about shining paintwork and 5 figure price tags.  It’s about owning a home on wheels that provides shelter and a fun way to enjoy holidays and something an owner can put part of themselves into.  The Herald Motor home stands as a symbol of all that is great about owning a vehicular apartment, not least of which is being able to revel the joys of preparing a classic for the annual road trip and the expectation of meeting new friends at the club meet.
Herald Motor homes have a great following, although numbers are finite, there is still enough enthusiasm between members to ensure rallies will still happen on a regular basis.
Models like Aragon, Templar and Esquire really bring a tear to many a Herald motor home owner’s eye.  But because of the loving touch these individuals bestow upon these great little vans, we’ll be still seeing the odd one on the roads for a few more years yet.
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Compass & Herald Motorhome Club
Compass & Herald Motorhome Club
We are a small team with years of camping, caravanning and motorhoming experience. who felt there was a need for an information service with a difference. We formed World of Motorhomes Ltd in...
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