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Hiring A Motorhome In England

Whether you want to have a week’s trial before buying or just fancy getting away from it all for a few days or even a few weeks, hiring a motorhome is the simple solution.  There are lots of offers out there and if the object of your journey is that you really have the intention of purchasing a motorhome, check out the web for ‘try before you buy’ options.  Some companies are willing to refund the price of a hire period if following your trip you decide to buy, even in some cases if it’s a second hand purchase.

The motorhomes of today are often described as travelling hotels (although you’ll still have to do your own washing up!) and the word ‘luxury’ is an adjective often used to describe them.  When hiring you can really find something to match all budgets; from at the bottom end of the scale, a model with a basic kitchen including fridge and stove, living/sleeping area and a shower room, to full luxury models with equipment such as SatNav and flat screen television.

Of course all that comes at a price, so spend a bit of time seeing what’s on offer.  Some companies will charge for all extras, which from their point of view can mean anything that’s not fixed down.  Other companies, usually those that have been created by enthusiasts after their own personal experiences, tend to give ‘all inclusive’ tariffs which give a more exact idea of price from the word go.

As well as the size and comfort level of the motorhome, the price will also depend on the driver and any additional drivers included on the contract.  As with any vehicle hire, the driver will be expected to have a full driving license.  You can drive a motorhome with your normal driving license but if you have any points or convictions it’s best to declare them and pay a small additional fee rather than risk cancelling out your insurance in the event of an accident.  You will be expected to have held your licence for a minimum length of time (2 years) and there is normally a minimum and maximum age limit for driving, usually between about 25 and 70 years old.

Insurance is usually provided by the hire company but pay special attention to exactly what’s included.  Insurance to reduce or even wipe out the excess can be a good idea, but ask someone to explain exactly where you stand if anything should happen before taking out these insurances as they can be very costly and sometimes it’s worth weighing up the real benefits.  If your hire company allows you to take your motorhome out of the UK they will usually propose appropriate insurance.

Another idea that is becoming more popular is people who hire their own motorhome to other users.  The motorhome is usually registered with a company who sort out all the booking details, insurance etc. and you can pick it up from the owner where the normal practice is to leave your own car parked in its place.  Extras are usually included – all equipment that the owner would use himself – and the price can be very interesting.

With the popularity of motorhoming growing all the time, hire companies are popping up all over the UK, which means that there is probably a depot or pick up point not too far from you.  Some hire companies will deliver for a nominal fee.  Don’t forget if the motorhome is delivered you’ll need a secure parking spot where you can load up.

If all that is tempting but you prefer to arrive at your final destination more rapidly, why not think about hiring when you get there.  Check out the offers available when hiring in Europe.