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How To Cross The Channel


If you decide to spend your holidays in France, hiring a motorhome is the ideal way to make the most of what’s on offer and to fit in as much you want to see or do.  One of the things to take into consideration when planning your journey and working out your budget, is how you’re going to get across the channel.  There are two choices – on the ferry or through the tunnel.

If you decide to take the ferry there are a multitude of choices of departure and arrival points.  This choice can be influenced by several things; your departure point in the UK; the journey time to the port; the length of the crossing; the choice of destination and of course the time of year.

If you’ve had a long drive to the port you might prefer to have a longer crossing giving you more time to relax a little and enjoy a meal.  This is obviously one of the benefits of the ferry over the tunnel as in the tunnel you’ll just about have time to stretch your legs.

The short-sea crossings from Dover to Calais or Dunkirk are the most popular.  With frequent departures throughout the day and dock to dock times of 75-90 minutes, you’ll just have time for a coffee and a quick forty winks.  ‘Short-sea crossing’ can mean ‘long road’ however, as these two ports are probably several hundred kilometres away from your desired destination.  The western-channel crossings are longer but with arrival ports in Caen, Cherbourg and Saint Malo giving easy and direct access to Normandy and Brittany, you are more likely to feel like you’ve arrived and begun your holiday adventure much more rapidly.

The cost of crossing the channel with your motor home will vary considerably with the choice of crossing, the size of your vehicle and the number of passengers.  Things like a bike rack can make a difference to the price too, so shop around and pay particular attention to detail to avoid any unpleasant surprises.  There are always promotions and incentives like loyalty programs which may be of interest so look out for those too.

The other option is the Channel Tunnel.  This incredibly easy way to cross the channel is really very simple to use.  Driving on to the train is made easy for larger vehicles by an extra large doorway and you’ll find it surprisingly easy to manoeuvre.  You’ll not be penalised for the height of your vehicle, point of view price, but you should inform Eurotunnel about the height of your motorhome when you book as this will give them chance to organise loading and prevent a long wait when boarding.

Prices are cheaper on the tunnel if you book in advance and travel at off-peak times.  With a journey time of 35 minutes, up to 4 departures every hour, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year it’s convenient to say the least!

Whatever you decide to do,  internet booking makes things easy.  You’ll find all the information you need to help you make your choice.  Just remember to read all the information and check the details you’ve entered before the final click to confirm!