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Kontiki Motorhome Clubs

The Swift Kontiki Motor Home is without an icon in the van world.  Swift, based in Cottingham in the West riding of Yorkshire, have been in existence since 1965.  So they have an incredible wealth of experience to draw on.  Cutting their teeth on caravan manufacture they were soon producing quality vans for the mass market.
kontiki_small.jpgThe Kontiki Motor home represents the top of the Swift range and has developed over the years into a van that is both admired and cared for.  By introducing such a large van on the UK market Swift ensured that motor homing became a true form of family relaxation. The van world of cramped conditions had passed and entered into one of opulence; the ability to stretch your legs out without causing major bodily trauma was welcomed whole heartedly.
The Kontiki Motor home also has a huge following.  Forums, discussion groups and clubs are listed in great number and with so many vans on the road it’s not surprising to often see groups tethered together at one end of  a campsite comparing vehicle graphics.
Rallies form a major interest for club members and these are not just limited to campsites.  Size generally means self sufficiency for The Kontiki Motor home owner so the sight of groups of vans corralled on an open field has become more common.  For a small fee to a landowner, a club can jealously guard their 4 or 6 wheeled friends and revel in the knowledge that they are amoungst friends who understand what true obsession is all about.