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Logical Automotove Solutions

Address: Plainwood Business Centre
Blisworth Road
Postcode: NN7 2LN
Telephone: 01604 861999
As RV owners themselves, LAS realise the importance of having an entire vehicle in full working condition, so they strive to ensure that all ancillaries are working just as well as the rest of the vehicle.

The LAS definition of service contains many more requirements which have to be met before they will even consider the vehicle serviced. 
They carry out checks for:

Engine anti-freeze strength.
Water content of the brake fluid.
Electrolyte level of the battery.
Service of the generator, water boiler and fridge.
Removal and inspect the road wheels and brake callipers (or drums) for deterioration.
Testing and lubrication the slide-outs.
Inspection of the roof and vent seals.
Lubrication of all door locks.
Assessing the generator emissions on a gas analyser (petrol generators only).
Ensuring that the oven and hob gas is burning correctly.