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Lunar Motorhome Clubs

Lunar motor homes present a wonderful range of coach built vans that allow plenty of room to stretch your legs and relax.  They have entered their 40th year in production and have earned the title of experience van manufacturers.

With a wealth of luxury and comfort, owners can be guaranteed a fabulous break where ever they take their vans.

lunar1.jpgNot surprising then that Lunar motor home owners enjoy the company of others who have been struck by this range.  Motor homing has the ability to bring together those of a like mind who just want to kick back and enjoy the great outdoors.

The Roadstar Range of vans launched in 2009 only act to emphasis the quality put into these vans with complete fitted kitchens and bedrooms that leave the family homestead alternative relegated to second place.

The company was established in 1969 as a family business; being originally based at Earnshaw Bridge, Farington near Preston.  Lunar motor homes then moved to a former Mill site at Lostock Hall in 1971,  where they used their own skills to bend the site to their way of working.  All of which has obviously paid off and brought the name great success over the years.

In 2000 the Lunar motor homes was bought out by the Tirus Group who added this prized acquisition to their already growing portfolio of caravan and motor home companies.  To the joy of many a management buyout brought the company back into British hands in 2007, now ensuring that the company can look forward to a ‘local’ feel for a good many years.

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Lunar Owners Club
Lunar Owners Club
Lunar Owners Club plays an integral part in the Lunar story, both past and present. With over 300 members and counting, LOC consists of a group of knowledgeable enthusiasts who are passionate and...
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