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McLouis Motorhome Clubs

McLouis Motorhomes is a feisty youngster in the motor home world.  Born in 1999 from an Italian base they have proved themselves in a competitive market place.  They have a company philosophy to find new solutions, offer alternatives and push forward to offer ‘campers’ the possibility of achieving their ideas of travel.

mclouis1.jpgGiven that McLouis Motorhomes are new (ish), it is forgivable to think that these young whippersnappers will wreak mayhem across the motor home world.  Pushing aside vans that have a true heritage in the industry they are fighting to show that they are made of the right stuff.

Made of the right stuff? Indeed they are.  McLouis Motorhomes represent an excellent range of vans that offer style and comfort matched by few and envied by many.  Talk of classic vehicles is pointless with a new brand, even if it is over 12 years old.  These vans are new, exciting and ready for a new group of owners who will embrace the world of motor homing; a group of owners who can’t wait to form into clubs that will allow them to meet and enjoy each other’s company.

Being the member of a motor home club isn’t about elitism, it’s about having a lifestyle in common.  Where friends can meet and argue over the position of the cooker and how the ‘new design’ has reduced the near head injury from just getting out of bed.  It’s about simply loving the feel of never having to put up with who your neighbours are, and moving on if the mood takes you.