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Motorhoming in Basse Normandie

Blessed by rich land, counted amongst the greenest of France, the region of Basse Normandie consists of three departments; Calvados, Manche and Orne.  The history of Calvados and Manche is rooted in the sea, whereas Orne is more of a crossroads which has welcomed visitors for centuries in its green lands where history and gourmandize are inseparable.  Open to the world thanks to its 470kms of coastline and ideally close to the capital, Basse Normandie is overflowing with local specialties, a rich and varied natural heritage and a host of different activities to tempt you.  If you’re hiring a motorhome in England, check out how to cross the channel or if you’re hiring a motorhome in France, Basse Normandie offers a real tasty preview of France.

It’s easy to find the Aires de Service in Basse Normandie where often you can stopover free for the night.  Take advantage of these Aires de Service, to explore this historic land, from William the Conqueror to the beaches of the Second World War landings.

The Mont Saint Michel is situated in the department of the Manche.  It is France’s number one tourist attraction.  Calvados gives its name to the liquor which is distilled from the regions apples, also used to make the local cider.  Normandie is also famous for its Camembert, perhaps the best known amongst other delicious cheeses from the region.

Basse Normandie really has lots to offer, particularly to those who enjoy history and like to spoil themselves with a bit of local produce.  It’s an ideal destination if you’re considering doing some motorhome travel in France but don’t want to go too far.  You can get a real taste of France just by hopping over the Channel.