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Motorhoming in Cher

Cher in the south east of the region of Centre, is geographically in the middle of France.  In addition to this, Cher can claim a prestigious heritage and history which is today visible in the architectural riches of its towns and cities.  When undertaking motorhome travel in France, it’s worth knowing that travelling to the heart of France and the department of Cher is to find yourself in an environment of discovery; discovery of nature, heritage and the flavours of the territory.

The city of Bourges exists since the dawn of time, well before the arrival of the Romans.  Founded on an elevated site and protected also by the river and surrounding wet lands, Bourges rapidly became an important political and economical centre and in the 12th century was one of the most important towns of France.  This cultural, artistic and religious centre was known even further away than the frontiers of France.  The religious wars of the 15th century and the decline of the drapery trade saw the demise of Bourges which was obliged to await the arrival of the railways in 1847 which started its revival.  Now classed as a town of art and history, Bourges offers its magnificent historical town centre, its cathedral and the Palace of Jacques Coeur as tourist attractions.  The heritage of the wet lands is the town’s central green zone and the Canal de Berry is perfect for a relaxing stroll at the end of a hard days sightseeing.

If you wish to treat your senses, take the time to visit Apremont sur Allier, the quarry village which supplied the stone for the Cathedral of Orléans.  Today it is considered amongst the most beautiful villages of France and has its own little garden of Eden, a flower park which can’t be described in words, but only discovered by the senses.  This enchanted garden on the banks of the River Allier is just one of the beautiful sights in this medieval village which was lovingly restored by the French industrialist Eugène Schneider who fell in love with it between the First and Second World Wars.

There are numerous wonderful little communes, full of history and beautiful architecture to visit in Cher.  If you’re hiring a motorhome in France or hiring a motorhome in England, use the Aires de Service in Cher for your stopovers and overnight stays and visit villages such as Dun sur Auton, La Chapelle D’Angillon, Saint Amand Montrond and Saint Ambroix.  Aubigny sur Nère is yet another witness to the timeless links between England and France, where in 1423 Charles Vll gave the keys of the town to John Stuart, the chief of the Scottish army, and put an end to the Hundred Years War.  Stuart assured the expansion of the town which was later given by Louis XlV to the Duchess of Portsmouth who embellished the château and created a superb park which is today a place to wander and relax.  There are more than two hundred half timbered houses in the town, known as the ‘land of the Scots’ where there are still strong links with Scotland.

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