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Motorhoming in Eure et Loir

Eure et Loir is the northern most of the six departments of the region of Centre.  A surprisingly diverse countryside and variety of charms will tempt you to visit the department while following your itinerary of motorhome travel in France.

The town of Dreux is full of history.  Walking through the streets today will give you a taste of the colourful history of Dreux.  Its ancient houses and superb 17th and 18th villas, the Royale Saint-Louis Chapel built in the 19th century on the site of the ruined château of Dreux are all witness to the tumultuous history of the town which, occupying a strategic point between Paris and Orléans, suffered several sieges at the hands of the English.  The surrounding area where the three valleys of the rivers Eure, Blaise and Avre meet offers the space to relax in the countryside, walk in the forest of Dreux or visit several picturesque and charming little communes such as Mormoulins.

Chartres is the capital of Eure et Loir and has existed as an important religious, political and military centre since Gallic times.  The town is divided in to the upper and lower towns with the cathedral and château situated in the upper part and the commercial activities linked to the River Eure in the lower part.  The city is to this day a regional motor and profits fully from its proximity to Paris.  A visit to the city is a real passage through time and a mixture of all styles can be seen in the houses and buildings of Chartres.  The tourist office proposes guided visits of the city which include a tour of the cathedral built between the 12th and 13th centuries.  Of an impressive size, the Cathedral of Chartres counts its stained glass windows amongst its finest treasures.  Covering an area of 2000m², these 172 masterpieces, for the most part created between 1200 and 1235, illustrate the Bible, local families and donators, and the trades of the period.  By miracle, they have survived every assault by man including the bombardments of the Second World War.  The horticultural gardens of the town, created in 1856, were not so lucky.  At the time situated well outside the town, the gardens are today the lungs of the city and the rehabilitation undertaken after the war has been very successful.  The garden offers specimens from all over the world including four majestic Ginkho Biloba.

If you are interested by the Châteux of France, don’t hesitate if you’re hiring a motorhome in France or if you’re hiring a motorhome in England, to visit the Château of Maintenon north of Chartres.  Madame Maintenon was the mistress and secret wife of Louis XlV who commissioned the biggest part of the work which changed what was an ancient fortress into a magnificent 16th century Renaissance residence.

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