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Motorhoming in Haute Normandie

Haute Normandie has only two departments, Seine Maritime and Eure.  It is not for this however that its importance should be underestimated or that it should be missed of the itinerary for motorhome travel in France.  On the contrary, along with the three departments of Basse Normandie, it offers a taste of France at its best proposing interesting towns, beautiful countryside and lots of local specialities a hop, skip and a jump away from home.

This powerful regional economy produces cereals, is home to industry, has commercial ports, is technologically up to date and possesses also a wide culture, parks and gardens, forests and an impressive architectural heritage.

The varied nature of the landscape lends itself to sports such as hiking, horse riding and sailing and as such is an interesting destination when hiring a motorhome in England or hiring a motorhome in France.  If you’re in search of adventure, and you’re hiring in England, check out how to cross the channel with your motorhome before embarking on your adventure.

Gourmands amongst us will appreciate all of the local specialities of Haute Normandie, many of which are made using the local apples or milk, that is to say, alcohol such as the Calvados made from apples, or the cider, and the numerous cheeses such as the heart shaped Neufchâtel.

Add to this, towns such as Etretat, Dieppe and Rouen which you can visit, making use of the Aires de Service in Haute Normandie along the way, and you’ll really appreciate the quality of the department.  You’re just a stone’s throw away from going motorhoming in Basse Normandie, motorhoming in Centre, motorhoming in Ile de France or motorhoming in Picardie.