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Motorhoming in Loir et Cher

If you are a lover of nature, history or architecture, your motorhome travel in France should include a visit to Loir et Cher.  This heritage is most certainly due to the kings of France who loved Loir et Cher for its mild climate and forests full of deer for hunting.  One of the six departments of Centre, and more or less the central area of the region, Loir et Cher has lots to offer if you are considering hiring a motorhome in France or hiring a motorhome in England.

The town of Blois which was established during the middle ages was transformed by the arrival of Louis Xll who renovated the medieval château which had been built on a rocky outcrop and created one of the best examples of the transition between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.  The town grew in the effigy of its château; a mix of styles which emanate an agreeable lifestyle such as is common to the valleys of the Loire.  The white stone and the blue slate roofs, the old streets, the royal gardens and superb 17th century villas all add to the charm of Blois.

Other towns or villages of interest to visit are Montoir sur le Loir with its Roman chapel, famous for its 12th century wall paintings which lay preserved and undiscovered until the 19th century.  Nearby is the Fosse Botanic Park which was founded in 1751, where you can wander through alley ways which wind amongst trees and shrubs from all over the world.  Vendôme, built on the banks of the Loire where you can take a stroll through the peaceful Ronsard Park or visit the traffic free town centre shops which are miraculously well preserved, Vendôme having suffered during the religious wars, the Revolution and the Second World War.  Nearby is Lavardin, one of the most beautiful villages of France, built in a bend of the River Loire.  A medieval fortress, a Gothic bridge and ancient houses are to be found in this picturesque village.

If you would like to visit the finest examples of the department’s châteaux, try Chambord and Cheverny.  Use the free Aires de Service in Loire et Cher while you’re travelling around the department.  Chambord is one of the most celebrated and emblematic château of the department.  Commissioned by François l and finished by Louis XlV, the architect is not known, but Leonardo de Vinci almost certainly had a hand in the design of this sumptuous and magnificent palace built in a pure Renaissance style.  Surrounded by 32kms of wall, the park has its own stag filled forest where the kings indulged their love of hunting.

The Château de Cheverny has been in the same family for six centuries and was built at the end of the 17th century in the very classic style of Louis XlV.  A beautiful construction in brilliant white stone, the château has never been altered and remains exactly as it was in 1634.

One of the department’s specialties is the ‘Aristocrate’, a biscuit which came to grace thanks to Napolean lll who brought a certain popularity to the Loire et Cher.  Prepared for the visiting Emperor, his family and court members, it is now a favourite in the local boulangeries. 

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