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Motorhoming in Picardie

Picardie, heading towards the north eastern limits of France is made up of three departments; Somme, Oise and Aisne.  This land has witnessed some of the greatest hours of French history, more or less glorious.  From the beaches of Somme, to the forests of Oise and passing by the hills and valleys in between, Picardie is more touristic than its reputation would have us believe.

Picardie’s châteaux, cathedrals and churches bring history back to life.  Its forests, amongst the biggest in France, offer an enormous playground for all lovers of nature and sea lions are often seen along the 70kms of Picardie coast.

The list of châteaux in Picardie is long; Condé in Aisne, Chantilly in Oise and Rambures in Somme just to mention three and cathedrals such as Beauvais or Noyon.  You’ll need to find an Aires de Service in Picardie to take a rest or spend the night because Picardie is an ideal destination for motorhome travel in France.  Whether hiring a motorhome in England or hiring a motorhome in France, this land of hidden treasures and pleasures, together with the hospitality and conviviality of your Picardie hosts, will leave you wanting to sample more.

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