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Orian Motorhome Clubs

The Orian Motor home range come from the long established ‘Auto Sleeper Range’ of vans which are based at Willersley in Worcestershire. 

It is not surprising to find that there are some similarities to Auto Sleepers, however, Orian Motor homes specialise in a contrast between bright external colours and lighter interiors.  They are also a cost conscious range offering motor home luxury at an affordable price, whilst still maintaining a build quality expected of such a stalwart of the industry.
There was a time when motor homing was the sole indulgence of either the rich or keen enthusiasts who could build a van from scratch.  orian-motorhomes1.jpgOrian motor homes have allowed a greater number of people to enjoy the fun of camping out and being able to pull up and make a cuppa without the nightmare of flasks and the limited space that a simple car can provide. 
Orian motor homes, with their coach built status allow the whole family to tour and still have enough space to fit in the odd change of clothes and a bike rack on the back.  In addition there is plenty of stretching room for when it’s all go too much and you need to lie back and just enjoy life.
Being a relative newcomer to the industry there will be a number of new Orian Motor Home owners who will find a growing number of fellow owners only too willing to form into formal or even informal clubs.  Whilst being a member of the larger clubs has its advantages, there is always an element of fun when you can arrange your own specialist meets.