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Rimor Motorhome Clubs

So when you’ve invested a fortune in you Kawasaki, Honda or Suzuki and want to take the big tour, what do you take with you?  In the case of many it’ll be a Rimor motor home.
rimor1.jpgThe reason being that, Rimor Motor homes models are renowned for having a large back garage for storing not only your bike but all the rest of the paraphernalia that goes with throwing away 2 of your 4 wheels and taking life by the scruff of the neck, mounting an iron horse and becoming a biker.  So it’s not surprising to find a host of them not only at motor home meets but bike meets to.
Rimor Motor homes are Italian by birth and the style and thought put into them shows. They were established in 1978 by Luano Niccolai.  From their Tuscany base they maintain a powerful hold over the European motor home market and they strive to provide models that will suit all tastes and budgets.
But don’t let the wild biker image put you off.  These vans are trusted by people who pull engines apart for fun!  Owners are equally interested in finding a comfortable place to rest at night and a reliability that means in the morning they can set off for the next port of call.
By offering such base vehicles as Ford, Fiat and Mercedes Rimor motor homes can be as comfortable for the ride as they will be for the copious amounts of space at the back, even if owners don’t have a bike to put in it.