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Talbot Motorhome Clubs

Talbot motor home owners are a a rare breed.  They reside in the darker quarters of the motor home world and as any dark knight would do, they cherish their steeds.

Probably the best known example has to be the Talbot express.  The Talbot Express offers a base vehicle that is a midsized classic which still adorns campsites across the country.  Talbot truly help to promote the past time of motor homing by offering a van that was both practical and at a price that many could afford.

talbot1.jpgThe Talbot has the feel of really driving a van (make that a large bus)and you would be forgiven for reaching for a well known chocolate bar when going for a short run.  With no power steering in many models it can be a work-out every time you attempt a three point turn.  In addition it sports a gear change level that is more suited to resting against a fireplace than managing gear ratios for your prized possession.
For those in the know there is also an issue with drainage at the bottom of the windscreen which many an owner will have come to terms with over the year.  This get compounded by the worst riggers the weather can throw at the poor fellow.
Models built by Autohomes (sadly no more) have collected an addicted fan club over the years who shrug off the quirks of this genre. But as is the case with within many of the Talbot motor home clubs there is always a helping hand to get you through.  They have been there before and now have the solution; in spades.
So whether you are a Talbot Highwayman or an Autosleeper fanatic enjoy the fact you are a member of a select few