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Volkswagen Motorhome Clubs

To describe the Volkswagen Camper as an icon is an understatement.  They opitimise the very nature of motorhoming.  From the early split screen to the bay they all invoke the warmth of summer days by the beach, surf boards atop and a few beers in the cooler to top it all off.

vw-motorhomes1.jpgVolkswagen camper addicts are a breed apart.  A driven bunch of individuals who will weather any storm to get their air cooled Volkswagen camper on the road.  And why not! Campers are the ultimate in ‘cool’ and have a following that covers the globe.

Given a birth date that can be traced back to the early 20’s Volkswagen Campers  have truly earned a place in the motor homing hall of fame.  A brief glace at the number of Volkswagen campers clubs alone lies testament to their popularity.

What club site would be complete without mentioning the Volkswagen Transporter?  The Volkswagen Transporter is a cheeky little imp that sneaked in as middle weight and is still with us today.  Whether they are factory built or conversions the variety is astonishing and the shear ingenuity that their owners bestow upon them equally so.

But it doesn’t stop there.  There is a whole under world of LT fans, those for whom space became a premium.  The LT chassis has probably been transformed into more ‘modes’ of transport than there are grains of sand on the beach.  Not only did the Volkswagen LT allow for greater space but it felt like you had transferred from a week day commuter to a weekend truck driver.  As long as speed wasn’t an issue then who cared!

Now developed through the years Volkswagen vans have gone from strength to strength an now provide a whole variety of base vehicles for a wonderful range of motor homes.  Just don’t let the camper van fans hear you say it is all.
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Volkswagen Type 2 Owners Club
Volkswagen Type 2 Owners Club
The club welcomes all owners, drivers and enthusiasts of any Type 2, it doesn't matter if it's a camper or commercial. They don't have to be in concourse condition or standard, in fact if it's a...
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