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Motorhoming In Alsace


Bordering Germany, in the north east of France is the region of Alsace.  One of the smallest regions of France, it is divided into two departments, the Haut and the Bas Rhin, or Rhone as we know it.  If you decide to go motorhoming in the Haut-Rhone or to go motorhoming in the Bas-Rhone you will be profiting from a real mix of cultures which has its origins rooted deep in the history of the region.

Firstly occupied by the Romans, Alsace passed between the hands of the Germans and the French for many long years.  It has preserved this mixed identity in the many cultural differences that are particular to the region.

The Bas-Rhone in the north of the region is home to the European capital, Strasbourg.  A welcoming town with lots of interesting features, it also hosts the largest Christmas market in France.

The Haut-Rhone in the south of the region has a rich history and a diverse landscape.  Despite being one of France’s smallest departments, it is also one of the most densely populated with strong economical and industrial development.

If you’re hiring a motorhome in England or hiring a motorhome in France, you can take the opportunity to make the most of all the unique things on offer in Alsace, not only its culture, but also its regional dishes and specialities, and of course, its wonderful wines.

Whatever you’re planning to do and wherever you’re planning to stay, check out the free Aires de Service in the Haut-Rhone and the Aires de Service in the Bas-Rhone.