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Motorhoming in Franche Comté

Franche Comté is a region in the east of France that borders on Switzerland and consists of four departments; Doubs, Jura, Haute Saône and the Territoire de Belfort.  Not far from the Italian and German frontiers, Franche Comté has drawn its influences from various directions and today offers an authentic and enriching destination for motorhome travel in France which has many delights to offer all year round, whether you decide on hiring a motorhome in England or hiring a motorhome in France.

Inhabited since prehistoric times, Franche Comté has lived through several occupations and finally became attached definitively to France in 1678.  Victor Hugo, born in Besançon and Louis Pasteur, born in Dole, are amongst the celebrities who have contributed to the history of Franche Comté.

Franche Comté needed to be defended from the continual threat of invasion and the countryside is littered with military architecture, strongholds and château fortresses, all built in strategic positions in order to defend the towns.  The bell towers of Franche Comté are particular to the region and very abundant.  They have a characteristic domed ‘imperial’ shape and they are very decorative, both the varnished tiles and the stone work.  The farm buildings are also characteristic of this particular region.

There are 5500kms of rivers, 81 lakes, lots of rapids and waterfalls in Franche Comté which are often developed around the tourism and offer families numerous activities for enjoying the water including sandy beaches for those sunny summer holidays.

Franche Comté also has the largest Nordic-skiing domain in Europe and during the season is a haven for all those wishing to practice winter sports.  When all the snow has disappeared, this beautiful green and rolling landscape will charm you and present you with so many wonderful sights, opportunities and tastes that you will want to stay a little longer.  Enjoy the freedom of your motorhome and make the most of the often free Aires de Service in Franche Comté for you overnight stays and breaks from driving.

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