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Motorhoming in Pays de la Loire

Motorhoming in Pays de la Loire

The region of Pays de la Loire is situated in the North West quarter of France and surprisingly, having taken its name from the river, the Loire only crosses two of its five departments.  Mayenne, Sarthe, Maine et Loire, Vendée and Loire Atlantique are the five departments which make up this region.  Nantes in the Loire Atlantique is today the capital of the region and in the past of the Dukes of Brittany and has conserved the treasures of this illustrious period.  It is a region with a mix of influences coming from Brittany, the Poitou and the Loire and offers up all of its treasures from the Atlantic coast to the cities of Nantes and Angers and the first châteaux of the Loire valley.

Between the Loire Atlantique and the Vendée there is 450km of coastline where the sea is warmer than on the coasts that you will visit if motorhoming in Ille et Vilaine or motorhoming on the Côte d’Armor and less agitated than the coastline you will find if motorhoming in Finistère, but the scent of the ocean in the air remains the same.

The region also has many châteaux which trace its history as if in a chronological frieze.  Many are found on the edges of the Loire in the department Maine et Loire but the châteaux are not the only interesting constructions in the area.  There are many ‘Troglodytes’ in the area around Anger and people still live in these cave dwellings which have been converted into some very attractive homes.

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