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Motorhoming in Bourgogne

Motorhoming in Bourgogne

Bourgogne, or Burgundy in the centre and slightly to the east of France, is at the crossroads of rivers and routes leading to the French capital, Paris.  It has four departments, the Yonne, Côte-d’ Or, Nievre and the Saône et Loire.

If you’re hiring a motorhome in France or indeed hiring a motorhome in England, find out how to cross the channel and head south to this region where all of your tastes will be satisfied whether it be by the delicious products of the region or by its changing landscape.

For keen hikers, find one of the Aires de Service in Saône et Loire and set off on foot along the river valleys of the Loire and the Saône.  Bourgogne is a big farming region and is famous for its Charollais beef seen grazing the green plains around the medieval villages in Côte-d’Or.  Find a free Aires de Service in Côte-d’Or and park up for a day or two.

Motorhome travel in France wouldn’t be complete without tasting a glass or two of wine and the ideal place is Beaune, well known also for its hospice which benefits enormously each year from the benefits of an auction of local wines.

All the towns of Bourgogne have something exceptional to offer, all of which makes this magnificent land at the gates of the capital worth a visit.