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Motorhoming in Ile de France

Ile de France is the region which contains Paris and the surrounding area.  It is the most densely populated region of France and is home to nearly 20% of the French population.  The region consists of eight departments, four of which are more or less surrounded by the other four and make up the urban agglomeration of Paris.  Seine et Marne, Essonnne, Yvelines and Val d’Oise make up the outlying departments whilst Paris, the nucleus, Hauts de Seine, Seine St Denis and Val de Marne constitute the centre of the region.

The region is criss-crossed by rivers and it is to this that it owes its name.  Though obviously never having been an island, these rivers and waterways, have, since the dawn of time, assured the richness of this region which is today the third, world economical centre after New York and Tokyo.

Ile de France is also the historical crucible of French heritage, a real crossroads for commerce and learning.  Ile de France is home to jewels such as the Palace of Versailles and the Bois de Vincennes, a forest at the gateway to Paris.

Whilst the inner departments of Ile de France are best visited using the Metro, motorhoming in Val d’Oise, motorhoming in Yvelines, motorhoming in Essonne and motorhoming in Seine et Marne is the ideal opportunity, whether hiring a motorhome in England or hiring a motorhome in France, to take the opportunity at the same time to visit this wonderful, enchanting capital.  You can leave your motorhome in one of the Aires de Service in Ile de France while you go exploring.  In Ile de France, motorhome travel in France is really getting to the heart of matters.